Showcase Caribbean Prospect Aruba 2021, January 23-25.

Classes 2020, 2021 and 2022. Open classes 2017 to 2019

WBP will arrive on the island of Aruba from January 23 to 25 with its Caribbean Prospect 2021 talent showcase event. The Ballpark in Santa Cruz will be the stage where the best players from the 2017 to 2022 classes will be able to expose their skills on the field of I play in front of dozens of college scouts, MLB teams, and other professional baseball leagues.

The showcase will be the first of its kind in Aruba, opening doors to prospects to be seen on our platform by thousands of scouts interested in seeking Latino talents, for the first time an American company opens its borders and gets to compile Latin and Caribbean material in foreign lands, this will be a window to enter the world of organized baseball in the USA and other countries.

All compilations of information and statistics will be made with advanced technology of the first category, they will be taken at the event to the participants, creating a profile that includes personal data and statistics of interest to the scouts. The 2017 to 2019 class players will have a second chance to be seen by scouts on the field and also to be seen by American universities, which for the first time will be able to see hundreds of Latino players to include them among their scholarship holders.

  • Scout Day (Jan. 24)
  • Promotional Kit Package, Jacket and Cap.
  • Taking a profile picture.
  • General information about the event.
  • Speed ​​shot of 60 yards.
  • Defensive shot sections (OF-IF).
  • Sections take Batting and Hitting.
  • Sections shots Cachers and Pichers.
  • Games exhibition day 24 and 25 Jan.
  • Promotional Jacket and Cap Kit.
  • Sections of yields.
  • 5 Defensive videos, 5 Swing and 60 yards.
  • 10 release videos for Pichers.
  • Scout contact from MLB and Universities.
  • Custom profile and administration.
  • Swing Reference and 3D Launchers.
  • Cyber ​​Avg efficiency and better performance.
  • Talk or Clinic with PLACIDO POLANCO.
  • Participation certificate.

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